Im Starting a FinTech Company and here is the Idea
Kenney Jacob

My 2 cents:

Bitcoin has a horrible transaction confirmation time (see it took about 1500 minutes recently to confirm 1 block). Both Etherium and Bitcoin, (and so many other cryptocurrencies) have a variable transaction fees to accelerate mining process for transactions. So, if want your transaction to be processed faster, you need to pay a higher transaction fee. This is true with any blockchain when they scale. So essentially, the problem of transaction fees/transaction time is not solved by a block chain. Transaction fee can be decreased for sure, but you have to understand that when currency is INR, the lower the transaction fee, the amount a miner make might be extremely small when you take into account the blockchain difficulty, it might be really hard to adjust the difficulty so as to match INR.

Think along the terms of centralised currencies maybe, like Ripple.

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