Do I Qualify for Free Solar Programs in Canada?

Free solar programs? What!? Surely that’s a gimmick, right? Well, the answer to your question is no, it’s definitely not a gimmick. There are definitely these kind of programs operating all over Canada, and in other parts of the world too.

Turning the sun’s rays into a source of energy that we can use to power our homes, streets, and businesses, is an important part of environmentally friendly practices. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, much like wind or water, that can be continually used without depleting the Earth’s natural resources.

The more people that have solar systems installed, the less we have to rely on non-renewable energy sources like coal — so it’s doing your bit to help keep our environment protected for generations to come. The more that we can take the pressure off the natural environment, the better off we all are.
 Want to know more about solar? Find out if you qualify for these solar programs? The read on!

Are these free solar programs really free?

Yes, the solar energy company will provide the solar panels for your property, installation, and any maintenance required, all for free.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that the energy is yours to use in your home. The energy is on sold to traditional energy companies by the solar energy company that you choose to get your system through.

The system itself isn’t yours either — it’s simply loaned to you. This means you’ll have to let the solar company know if you’re intending on selling your house, doing renovations that might affect the setup, etc. After a period of years, you may be entitled to own the set up outright, though. If you eventually obtain ownership, the energy is all yours, however you’ll have to do your own maintenance.

And, of course, you’re entitled to kickbacks to sweeten the deal! Every month you receive a thankyou bonus for giving back to the grid!

Do you own your own home?

Renters generally will not be given permission to install solar systems on the property that they’re occupying. Because the home owner has ownership of the property, they will be the ones with the responsibility to install any systems. Long-term renters may ask owners for permission to add solar to the property. If agreeable, owners will then instigate the process themselves.

Do you have roof space for a solar set up?

Live in a middle floor apartment? Nope, you can’t get solar. You’ll need to have space on your own roof that the solar set up will fit on.

Do you have a sturdy roof?

When was the last time you checked the sturdiness of your roof? Are tiles becoming unstuck? An assessor may be able to determine whether your roof’s in good shape or not — more on that later!

Does your home get sun?

For solar to work properly there’s got to be sunshine! If your home is shrouded in large trees, or between large apartment blocks, then you may not be a good candidate for this program.

Do you have time for an assessor to come out?

The solar company will need to send out an assessor to see if your property is a good candidate for a solar system set up. They’ll check out your roof and surrounds to make sure that it’s suitable for the setup to be erected.

What if I want to keep the energy for myself?

Did you know that the government of Ontario provides rebates to people who install solar systems in their homes? In fact, all over Canada, you can claim rebates for certain energy efficient systems and practices in your home. So while the system that you install may not be free, you will be able to save a substantial amount off the top of the cost of purchase and installation.
 Over the years, the amount that you save on your traditional energy bills will likely cover the costs of purchase and installation. Many people are also able to sell off any excess energy they generate to energy providers.

How do I get my free solar setup, then?

If you think you’re ready to get on board with solar, then call us at Jam Solar to learn more about our free solar program. There’s benefits galore, and best of all you can feel proud that you’re doing your little bit for the environment! We need to take care of the world that we live in and renewable energy is a brilliant alternative to traditional sources of energy such as coal.

Call us up to arrange a free assessment of your property to determine whether you qualify for our awesome program, or to chat about owning your own solar set up if that’s your preference. We look forward to having a chat with you!

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