Child Relocation — Major Issue In Divorced Parents From Cross Border

Child custody is a major issue in case of cross border parents. The proper permission is required from Family Court before taking child away from Singapore

Singapore law is considered to be strict when it comes to custody of the child in case of divorced parents. Most of the time, if divorcing parents are from different countries and wish to live in their countries after divorce then child custody has to be cleared. Therefore, if you are divorced as per the law of Singapore and you or your spouse wish to live in different country, then you need to decide on the custody of your child. When it comes to having a divorce in cross-border parents then this issue always raises. The parents have to decide the custody of their child and maintain contact to meet the child.

It is obvious that after marriage parents desire to have custody of their child. However, if the parents are from cross-border then they have to apply to the Family Court to seek permission for their relocation and custody of their child. However, if any of the parents has left Singapore without taking permission from the court, then it comes under child abduction law. After this, the parent that is distressed can take the help of Central Authorities of Singapore to ensure the safe return of the child to the country.

In every case of divorce, parents always have an issue with the child custody and wish to have control of the child with them. In most of the cases, one parent can become the primary caretaker of the child and shared care and control order will be passed where both parents will have equal right to make necessary decisions about the custody and future of the child. Thus, no matter what type of issue you are facing with your children after divorce, just contact the right law firm where a dedicated lawyer will be appointed who will understand your situation and will file case accordingly.

It should be always with the mutual consent of the parent and Family Court when it comes to the child relocation to a new place with one of the divorced parents. Therefore, the lawyer that you will have for your support well understand various elements like the legal laws and reasons that support the custody of the child such as religion, health and education. Thus, provides the best suggestion and support accordingly. Hence, in the case of issue related to the parent relocation to a new country after divorce should abide by the Singapore law before leaving the country with the child.