Factors that Determine the Spousal Maintenance in Singapore

Spousal maintenance is decided on various factors. The laws that are available for spousal maintenance or alimony define who is suitable for the reward. A divorce lawyer attorney can be helpful in gaining the maintenance easily and without any obligation.

Spousal maintenance or alimony is the payment that a spouse would receive in a divorce from the income of another spouse for his or her support. Without considering the gender, court may decide spousal maintenance if it finds that the spouse is getting insufficient property including those awarded to the spouse at the time of legal separation, or if the spouse is unable to provide self-support through employment. The maintenance may also be ordered in the condition that the spouse getting maintenance is the only caregiver for the child whose condition makes it clear that the spouse cannot seek employment outside home.

This can be awarded for temporary period or for permanently. Temporary maintenance is for a specific period of time and allows the person receiving the amount to re-establish his or her earning structure, whether through returning to job or enrolling in school. On the other hand, permanent maintenance is allowed for the whole life and it is usually allowed to those who cannot return or enter to the workplace. The role of the divorce lawyer is extensive as he or she helps in the process to get fast and hassle-free decision.

How Spousal Maintenance Established in Minnesota

Just like child custody determination, the court considers various factors when considering a maintenance request. According to law, awards are granted according to the following factors:

  • The financial capability of the spouse seeking the support, including his or her ability to meet his or her basic needs independently.
  • The required time necessary for the spouse to become self-independent or self-supporting.
  • The standard of living during the marital period.
  • The total length of the marriage.
  • The age, physical capacity, and the emotional condition of the spouse demanding maintenance.
  • The ability of another spouse from whom maintenance is demanded.
  • The contribution of both the parties in the accumulation of property during the marital period.

The most important thing is spousal maintenance is an income to the recipient and is considered as taxable, and it is tax deductible benefit to the paying party. These are very complicated and it is important to have a knowledgeable divorce lawyer representing your case.