Seeking Help from Experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Singapore

Child custody case is a painful process to go through not only for couple but for their child as well, but sometime the situation is such that we have to face the reality of life. Seeking help from an experienced child custody lawyer would fetch favourable result.

Child Custody is a very sensitive and complexed issue in post-divorce process. Indeed, help of a lawyer is needed to understand child custody law. Both parents need to make sure that their decision does not hampers child’s life. At the same time, could should understand the feelings of each other and respect it. The best possible option available to take you out of such situation is seeking help from experience child custody lawyers. They are the one who have specialization in family law matters under which child custody law falls under. Seeking custody of a child happens after the divorce process. A child custody lawyers help parent to negotiate with other parent and settle everything pertaining to their child’s life.

When it comes to Singapore, there has been significant increase in the number of expat marriage but unfortunately the number of foreigner’s divorce in Singapore is also at rise. Usually in expat separation, one among the couple wants to leave the country and go to their native country. Sometimes, the first parent take away the child without informing the other parent and without having a legal order from the court of law. This is a legal offence and charges of child abduction can be filed against the first parent. To take away the child to other country, one has to take legal permission from the court and also the other parent. Here, it is only the child custody lawyer who can negotiating other terms and conditions involved with child custody.

Let’s read what we can expect from a Child custody lawyer:

Child custody lawyers in Singapore have, generally, two specific responsibilities: To protect your rights and make sure that the law is upheld.

There are several things that the lawyer should do specifically:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Complete all legal work
  • Be your negotiator
  • Understand and work the system in your favour

It would be bit unwise to expect emotional support during the hour of grief from you lawyer. However, there are some family law firms in Singapore offering counselling and active emotional support during the divorce and post-divorce period. They help you to build confidence and remain strong so that the legal battle can be fought without being too emotional.

How to Find Best Child custody lawyer?

This is perhaps the most asked question related to child custody and their no definite answer to this. Everyone has their own experience and stories to share in regards to best child custody lawyer and it is not so easy to give a final answer “Who is the Best”. However, there are certain ways those can be followed to pick the best lawyer to get the custody of your child. Here are some list of tips:

Search Online: You can take help from internet and search online to locate best child custody lawyer in your area. With the names and contact numbers of law firms check their public records & reputation online.

Help from friends & relatives: During this painful period of your life make sure to take to get assistance from your friends and relatives, ask if they can help you find a child custody lawyer in your area.

Seek help from Local Bar Association: If possible, seek help from Local Bar Association in your area and enquire if you can get the list of lawyers who are specialized in family law and in handling child custody cases.

Take help from you divorce lawyer: You can always approach to you divorce lawyer who had once helped you to get divorce. In some cases the same lawyer can get you the custody of the child.

If you are one searching for child custody lawyer then I hope this article helps you in some or other way.