How Do You Continue to Do Something You Started and Loved?
Todd Brison

Good stuff. Infatuation to fulfillment! Lean into the challenge and remember that life is a “qualifier”. Got it.

I would add on a trick as the slow down happens and the short skirt of infatuation turns into a flannel nightgown of familiarity: Put a habit in place to bridge the gap.

It can be a baby step in the direction of forward progress and then repeat daily until you are rewarded with completing a “chunk”. Life is not s sprint. It’s a series of marathons. Then target your next chunk towards your end goal. I find that it is really important to reward progress and break the remainder of the large overwhelming task into stages or bite sizes remembering that any progress is good progress. One day, as you are fulfilling your commitment, that baby step unexpectedly becomes a giant leap. You can see the finish line and yet there is no race. All you have to do is finish. Your only competitor is the version of yourself that does not finish! And you finish the job out of pride and self respect. Then celebrate completion. Go eat that donut with the extra sprinkles. :o)

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