5 Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns That Inspire Action

Virtual reality has really made its mark, from high priced headsets to ones made of cardboard, there’s certainly something for everyone. In September, Nielsen gathered data from 8,000 consumers and 24% said they would be likely to use or buy VR in the next year. Even before they had the numbers to prove its importance, marketers took notice and have been incorporating VR into their campaigns to get a head start on this new medium.

Let’s go over five exciting VR marketing campaigns and why VR is such a useful tool:

  1. Etihad Airways — Reimagine

Travel is an especially effective industry in which marketers have started to use VR. Etihad Airways did an great job by recruiting Nicole Kidman to take viewers along for a ride on the luxurious A380 flight from New York to Abu Dhabi. The Barbarian Group and MediaMonks came together to create this short VR film because it allowed for an immersive, 360 degree exploration of each cabin of this aircraft.

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2. Qantas — Hamilton Island

Vacations refresh our minds and bodies, and that’s why Qantas put together a 360 degree virtual reality experience of visiting Hamilton Island in Australia. Even if viewers are sitting at home with rain pouring down outside, they can have a (nearly) full experience of a sunny and luxurious vacation. We’re sure many viewers went on to book vacations with Qantas after having such a rich VR experience at Hamilton Island.

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3. National Park Service — Through the Ages

This year, the National Park Service celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Naturally, President Obama wanted to pitch in to commemorate this milestone and get more Americans outdoors to explore the beautiful national parks the US has to offer. Felix & Paul Studios teamed up with Oculus and National Geographic to create an 11 minute immersive video narrated by President Obama. He highlights park history and provides a glimpse into the 89 million square miles that we should be exploring.

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4. Samsung — #BeFearless

The #BeFearless campaign by Samsung focused on people from all over the world who are afraid of heights. This project simulated heights using 360 video to reduce fear over time. After participants used the VR training program, they were invited to face their fear in real life and zip line across a city skyline. Many chose to go through with it and 87.5% said that they had decreased their fear of heights over the course of training. Not too shabby!

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5. Husqvarna — Limberjack

Depending on where you live, you’ve probably noticed hipsters taking over. Swedish chainsaw brand Husqvarna took note of this and brought the plaid-wearing, beard-clad trend into (virtual) reality. Right on schedule for the World Logging Championships in Poland, the game — produced with the help of DigitasLBi Nordics, players race to cut limbs off of a tree. When asked about this unconventional marketing tactic, Peder Sandqvist, head of VR and AR for DigitasLBi Nordics, explained, “What I feel is that this medium is so new and unexplored. We need to work in it very hands-on, make mistakes, try things.” There are sure to be more promotional games like this one coming soon for other brands.

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Why VR and Marketing Are a Match

Virtual reality is really gaining momentum in the marketing world and there’s no telling what exciting things it will help us experience next. It’s such an effective marketing tool because it puts viewers right in the middle of the action, whether it’s a luxurious vacation or the extent of a crisis, you really have to see it to believe it. VR takes viewers there, regardless of where they actually are. It’s hard not to be moved to action when you feel like you’ve experienced something first hand, and that’s the genius of using VR as a central element of marketing campaigns.