Ionic 2 — getting started (Ionic 2 RC2)

Installing Ionic 2

  1. To install Ionic 2 packages via npm, you need to have NodeJS installed.
  2. Install Ionic 2 CLI and Cordova packages with: npm i -g ionic cordova
  3. Scaffold your Ionic 2 project with: ionic start sampleApp tutorial –v2
  4. Run your project with: ionic serve . Your first hybrid mobile app should show up in the browser.

Adding Android and deploying to emulator

  1. You can target iOS, Android or Windows platform. We will we focusing on Android platform, so go to Android Developer site and download the Android SDK (Download options -> Get just the command line tools)
  2. Add Android platform by: ionic platform add android
  3. Register for Genymotion emulator and download the latest version with VirtualBox.
  4. Add virtual device and run your app on Android emulator by: ionic run android