My 3 Guiding Principles

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I’ve been making a living on my own product in 2016, and later worked part-time as a barista for almost a full year. I came up with three simple ideas that I had shared and delighted a few of my friends.

Those ideas later turn out to be more than just random thoughts. They contributed to my decision making and guide directions to more important questions in my career and life.

I called them my 3 guiding principles.

1. Flexibility

I have always been bothered by 9–5. People expected full-time commitment, but keep paying much less than who do freelancing or consulting. How nonsense is that?

I also much prefer building my own product to generate revenue instead of living from hand to mouth.

I am not the only one having this intention, yet many people have succeeded. That’s why I developed my own products, and have not been taking on freelances and offers for the whole year.

2. Delegation

If everything has to be done by myself, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dream. I tried not to repeat myself whenever possible, so I hired 2 freelancers and 4 virtual assistants to help do weekly research and marketing. That way I can focus on things that others can not yet handle.

A lot of successful people delegates. I know I have to hire people to help, even that converted a large fraction of my revenue into cost.

3. Respect Privacy

Technology has evolved so much that users are more concerned about privacy ever than before. Popular services are free to get onboard, yet have to pay if you want some private spaces. Everyone tries gathering your data and chat history to provide more “personalized” results for advertisement and commercial purpose.

Our future needs more companies like them. We pulled down an almost ready-to-launch product because we’re not happy how we handled user data, despite how much work we’ve already put in.

This is not just for myself, also people who helped along. My staffs pick their own place and hours to work, and I provide budgets for them to delegate.

We’re also working hard on building an ecosystem for the company and our products base on these three main principles. I wanted who participates able to breakthrough the prison of capitalism.

I am looking forward to that day we succeed.

What’re your principles?




Sketch Plugins and iOS UX Engineer. Opensource projects contributor, share on Twitter. @jamztang

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James Tang

James Tang

Sketch Plugins and iOS UX Engineer. Opensource projects contributor, share on Twitter. @jamztang

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