Quick and Easy Presentation in Sketch

Introducing the Magic Presenter Sketch Extension

Magic Presenter Demo Video

What are the tools you used for presentation?

You might be thinking about Powerpoint or Keynote, or maybe Google Slides. If you’re a Sketch user, most probably is that you will to export your designs and then import to the tools mentioned.

However, after preparing a few presentations myself, I find this workflow frustrating. The loose integration between the design tool and the presentation tool is clearly non-optimal. You can especially feel that when there are changes to your design, you’ll need to repeat the process for image exporting, and hassling between two tools to update your slides. It’s simply cumbersome and repetitive.

I think design and presentation should be done in the same workflow. This is why I created Magic Presenter Extension for Sketch. By providing a way to do presentation directly in Sketch, your design are your slides. Doing presentation is just a keyboard shortcut away.

Here’s how it works:

Prepare your slides

My presentation deck for the Swift HK meet up about “Beginning Mobile UI Design with Sketch”

I have my slides prepared in Sketch artboards, with them configured in the same resolution. Consider the optimum for your projector or the computer screen you’d be using for presentation, I’m using 1024 * 768 optimized for the projector in the meetup.

Start Presentation Mode

When you’re ready to go, go to the Plugins menu and click on “Magic Presenter”, or you can also use the shortcut “Ctrl Shift Cmd P”.

A window then pops up and display the slides, you can use mouse click or keyboard arrows to navigate between slides.

Full screen mode

To let your audience focus on the slides, we can go full screen with Magic Presenter too! By pressing “cmd Enter” or just simply click on the little green button at the left top corner, you’re all set!

Changing Orders of the slides

The orders of the slides is defined according to the “level” of the dartboards. The left navigator indicates which is the first slide, from top to bottom.

Changing the ordering will be just be as easy as dragging and dropping to arrange the position of the Artboards.

Make your slides looks even better

The “Angle” Macbook Pro Vector Template from DesignCode.io

My other extension Magic Mirror provides a way for you to project your UI designs in nice cover photos or perspective shapes. They works well together to make your slides looks even better.

Future Plans

I was surprised that there were no one else making something like this for Sketch, and there are so much potentials for future improvements. (Please show your interest by commenting below!)

  1. transitions between slides
  2. external and in-page links
  3. animations for elements
  4. instant share and preview using web browser
  5. iPhone app remote control

Please try it out, report bugs, and share your thoughts. I’m sure you’ll never wanted to go back, because doing presentation can never been easier!

Updates 2016/05/18

v1.1 fixes issues with Yosemite and Keyboard shortcuts!

Download Magic Presenter | Download Magic Mirror

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