Lead The Way When you find yourself in a situation where everyone looks at each other, it’s time for you to lead. You‘re a leader when you decide to become one. There’s no initiation or a title. Just a decision.
25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago
Darius Foroux

I learned this one just recently. I always considered myself a terrible leader and I admired others for their ability to lead. Up until the point when I realized, that it’s not your predispositions that make you a leader. It’s your will to step up and make a decision when others can’t. You need to be aware of it’s consequences, but as point #8 & 9 say — don’t be a wimp. You will die one day so take risk. Making “a” decision is far better than having no decision. People will admire you for taking the bullet of making the decision for them.

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