In part one we discussed the lessons learned for non-profit providers since the Great Recession. This included the decline in funding since the Great Recession and the post-COVID funding future which projects to be even worse. Our key mission as non-profit organizations is to provide critical services, especially in times of great need — and to do this in a world where traditional fund-raising, past operating expertise, and other turnaround strategies simply won’t work.

JGA’s twenty-six merger and consolidation projects since the Great Recession provide a deeper analysis of the nonprofit operating environment and how that difficult environment affects the motivations for, and practices of, nonprofit consolidation. Our team has facilitated hundreds of meetings with nonprofit boards, prospective partner organizations, and worked hand in hand with the CEOs and dedicated merger or partnership committees of these organizations. …

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Nonprofit Consolidations Since the Great Recession & Implications for Post-COVID Strategy: Part One

Ten years ago I published a book, Nonprofit Turnaround, A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders, Consultants and Funders. …

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