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Two experts in natural dye on their new book, entrepreneurship, and why you should care where your clothes come from

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For their new book, Journeys in Natural Dyeing, Kristine Vejar and Adrienne Rodriguez lived out a fantasy. Over the course of three years, the couple traveled to Iceland, Japan, Mexico, and Indonesia, meeting other craftspeople and going deep into the world of traditional natural dyes.

Part travelogue, part how-to guide, the book offers a detailed look at dyeing techniques from around the world. In Japan, Vejar and Rodriguez learn to extract color from unripe persimmons. Later, on the coast of Oaxaca, they spend an afternoon at the beach watching a local artisan hop from rock to rock in search of…

Barnard College’s sustainability director talks about her new book, her pop-up repair shop, and our relationship to the things we own

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Sandra Goldmark wants us to think about our stuff. Many of us have too much, a lot of it is poorly made, we don’t take care of it, and we toss it out too soon. An associate professor of professional practice and the director of campus sustainability and climate action at Barnard College in New York City, Goldmark has also worked as a theater designer and is well attuned to the stories that objects tell. …

Jan Newberry

Oakland-based writer and editor. My work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, and Sunset Magazine,

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