Help On How To Keep Your Business Alive In Crisis

Joe Meuse, making it a life’s vision to turnaround as many businesses as possible

Starting Out

I had read that Joe started his first business to pay his way through college and wanted to ask him more about that. He told me that he grew up in the Washington area, and his father was very stern. There were other siblings and not very much money coming in. His father told Joe if he wanted to go to college, he would have to figure out a way to pay for it himself.

Business GPS

Building The Business:

It was tough to get the business off the ground initially. Only billing at the end, when they had successfully completed a turnaround, inevitably meant there were cash flow problems to deal with. Joe also quickly realized he could only help a small number of people himself at any one time, so he needed to form an organization.

Business Turnarounds In COVID

COVID has resulted in them seeing a broader than ever variety of problems businesses are coping with. Some are re-opening, and some are still closed, waiting for permission to open again. Every company is facing a different mix of issues.



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Jan Cavelle

Jan Cavelle


Author, semi-retired entrepreneur; Books “Scale for Success” Bloomsbury and "Start for Success" out January 2023.