RefuGenius.. Improve your professional skills.

Amsterdam is by far now the first capital in Europe when it comes to creative initiatives for refugees, the more I search the more incredible initiatives I discover. It is really amazing the humanistic approach all these initiatives are driven by and the opportunities

they are creating for the new comers.

During the journey of discovering these amazing initiatives RefuGenius came to the surface. Two creative students form VU university supported by The Refugee Start Force, Enactus, and Global Force, they decided that it is the time to start a project to help the new comers professionally, so the idea RefuGenius was born.

The project is basically a series of professional workshops that the team decided after observing the gap between the new comers and the Netherlands labour market, and the aim of these workshop is to first, present the Dutch market to the participants and help them develop their professional image such as CV, LinkedIn profile and more relative and beneficial input in order to aid the participants in finding their ways concerning work and study in the Netherlands.

I was really curious about the people behind this project, so I made the contact and met Leon, Hamzah and Hord in the VU, and had a really inspring conversation about RefuGenius.

Leon Polman, one of the founders of RefuGenius says:

‘I knew that I have to do something for the new comers, and I had to start with what I have access to, a s a student of the VU, the university was a great place to start and we amazingly have a lot of support’.
‘ We aim with our project to help people have jobs that why we are focusing in the series on introducing the Dutch label market, then we help people to create their CVs. Moreover, we want to provide the practice and information about job interviews in order to help them with their first steps in the Netherlands.’

By the end of the four-workshop series RefuGenius provides certificates to the participants who completed the whole course.

I had the chance to talk to two previous students at RefuGenius, and they both had remarkable experience in the project.

Hamzah says;

‘RefuGenius was a great experience for me especially because our location is the VU. It was great to experience the life of a Dutch student.’
‘ The program provided valuable information for me as a new comer and what the Dutch label market expects and now I can say that my professional skills can match these expectations…’

Hord on the other hand was very proud to say the he was with RefuGenius team from the beginning. He describes the project as ‘inspirational and beneficial’.

Hord has hug expectations for the new course, he is positive that the new participants will walkout with highly improves professional skills, and more confident to reach out job opportunities. Moreover, the course is more far more than that, it is a comfortable place to develop your network and meet inspiring people.

RefuGenius started their second workshop series today with impressive numbers of applicants who were so eager to join the initiative. Nevertheless, there will be more workshops to come so keep an eye on this inspiring initiative.

Stay tuned te read about the next fascinating initative…