Upleveling isn’t always Sexy: Guidance for an authentic, creative life.


I’m feeling the truth of these wise words now, as I allow both external and internal structures to fall away — quite literally-in this unseasonably warm Southern California late autumn season. It’s happening again, this cyclical letting go of the old to make space for the new creative babies, projects, partnerships, etc. that wants to co-created in 2022 and beyond.

I am being guided — so very wisely from within — to leave behind some things that I was deeply attached to for a sense of security and comfort in my business and in my life, lest these things become anchors dragging me down or barriers holding me back from expanding.

I have gone through some pretty major energetic upgrades and shifts this year, especially during the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal and it’s happening again during this 11/11 portal + winter 2021 eclipse season. (For those of you who are tuned into to these dynamic astrological + cosmic occurrences).

In essence I am upleveling, expanding and quantum leaping again.

Perhaps you are too?

Upleveling can be tossed around like such a sexy “buzz” word.


However, what I’ve found to be the honest, unsexy truth is that while the upleveling (expansion-growth-rebirth-quantum leaping-fill in the blank) process is something my SOUL loves to do, that for my humanness, my body and my ego — the process often feels uncomfortably messy, painful, scary, vulnerable, confusing and RAW ❤️‍🔥

It’s full of surrender, faith and trust — things that are a practice for life.

I don’t know if we ever *fully* master them.

And thinking we can probably misses the whole point.

“The process of upleveling + expansion is like like being a hermit crab whose outgrown her old shell of a home and feels quite vulnerable as she searches the wide expanse of the windy shorelines for her new larger shell of a home. ”

— Jana Carrey

And it simultaneously it can feel like being turned around from the path we were walking on. Which at first may feel like — often in a confusing and frustrating way — that we are being asked to go backwards.

Yet eventually we realize that our inner (higher, wiser) guidance is leading us away from a tired, over-worn dusty trail to a much more enriching, verdant, yet wildly UNKNOWN new path.

And the UNKNOWN can be — often is — daunting to the ego, to the mind.

I see this like an old sea map filled with drawings of wild creatures and warnings of “There be dragons, yonder!”

We can become attached to what used to work like a security blanket or like a too small “shell-home” or an overly worn out path. Choose the analogy and metaphor that most lands for you.

You are worth so much more than a half-hearted “meh” life. In truth we all are.

And life can easily become “half-hearted” when we cling onto that which is no longer serving us, that which is no longer alive.

Living an authentic and creative life, means being fiercely honest about what no longer is filled with life and excitement so that *thing* (a relationship, a business partnership, an offering, a creative project, a book, a home, a way of thinking or behaving, etc.) doesn’t become your prison, your cage, your own upper limiting glass ceiling.

There are times to actively create and there are times when we need to stop and dismantle, destroy and surrender our old creations. It takes courage, discernment, wisdom, grit — to acknowledge that which has completed its’ life cycle, sometimes in a way that so radically differs from our expectations, so these things can be properly laid to rest before it stagnates and decays any further.

In order to move forward into new life, it’s so important from an energetic perspective (and everything is energy) to practice releasing ones creations back into the void to be re-sourced. As we complete this dynamic eclipse 2021 season, as we head into the solstice (winter up North, summer down South), as we close out the intensity of 2021, this is a such a beautiful time to put this releasing + upleveling into practice.

It’s not always easy to do, it’s rarely sexy, but it always reaps tremendous rewards.

About Jana

Jana Carrey is the Founder of Jana Carrey Healing + Creativity: Bringing “Ancient Alchemy for Modern Beings®”

Photo of Jana © In Her Image Photo, 2021

She is a soul therapist, a master intuitive healer, an arcane wisdom keeper, divine feminine spiritual teacher and a multidimensional channel + guide. Her work is a unique blend of intuitively channeled guidance, quantum energy healing, flower essence therapy, plant spirit medicine, depth psychology and spiritual mentorship.

She identifies as highly sensitive empath whose psychic gifts include clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance. Although she was born with many intuitive healing gifts, her own deeper spiritual awakening and remembrance began when she was 19 and lost her younger brother and twin flame, Chris, to terminal bone cancer.




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Jana Kristine Carrey

Jana Kristine Carrey

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