To My Future 35 Year Old Self

Jana Nicole Campbell Georgia State University Journalism Student, Medium

Cheers to 35 years old at 28 years old. I thank love for getting me this far- to 35 years old. By now, I have obtained my Journalism degree with a minor in English. I’ve managed to get promotions at the news company I work for.And, even though I am not trying to be an inspiration people look up to me. I gave up on writing books almost ten years ago and my new colleagues keep trying to convince me to give it one more shot. I continue to tell them I don’t know because I am really content where I am at in life. My husband and I have a beautiful 4-bedroom condo in our dream location- Dunwoody, Georgia that we own. I’m an editor and writer and will be producing my own television

show soon with a television network. I own a pink Lexus with barbie pink interior and exterior. It has princess crowns all around the exterior. My husband has his own business and works in corporate America. We have five cats and one really small dog and two fish. Not to mention, I am six months pregnant with twins- a girl and a boy. We can’t decide on names for nothing in the world. I like Journee Lee’la Campbell and Robin Austin Campbell for a boy. No time to worry about names because I am wobbling everywhere. My husband and I have celebrated seven anniversaries and we still celebrate at the Westin Sundial on Peachtree. My love for him hasn’t changed and I am still in love with him. We have traveled everywhere together- Paris, Jamaica, California, Alaska, New York, Virginia, Ohio and so many other places. Now, we have enough money and time to start a family. I feel I am mature to be the mother I know I can be. I volunteer once a week at the animals shelter. I wish I could take them all home with me. I love animals and I am a member of Animal Cruelty Prevention. I’m also a member of The Journalism Association.

I go out with my best friends and co-workers from time to time. I also finally got my braces but its almost time for them to come out. After I bounce back from having my babies, we are going to visit Japan. It’s a gift to me from my husband. We both love Japanese culture. He works so hard and does his best to provide. To me, he’s a good man and my best friend. We have so many beautiful memories together. I surprised him with a BMWI last month and he almost lost his mind. My moods have been up and down and I am craving cheesecake and cucumbers almost every day. I know my husband will be a great dad. We have both grown in so many ways. I haven’t found a nanny yet but my loyal friends are more than happy to help at any time. Briana, Amanda, and Sheila. We all used to work at the airport together. They are all successful and married now. I am truly blessed and God is the reason for all my blessings. When I was younger, I took things for granted but I am older and wiser now and I realize anything worth having is worth fighting for. Life is a very special gift. I can honestly help others now because my love and happiness is real. I no longer torture my past pains and I realize that everything happens for a reason and, although we plan ahead we have to take each day one day at time. I’ve set goals but I keep the focus on the here and now. As for my health, I no longer think about suicide something I battled with because of my struggle with depression. I finally was able to get insurance and I go see a therapist twice a week. As for the world, people are still being people.

I fly out of state to New York courtesy of my job and Southwest Airlines. I walk through the airport and see where I used to be. However, its not my name brands that make me a better person but the peace and happiness I have found. I no longer struggle with my identity. And, I am up for two Journalism awards. I’ve met and spoken with Oprah Winfrey at least every other day. She calls me her Goddaughter and is so inspired by my life story. She also enjoys my husbands cooking. The three publishing companies I was signed with at 23, 24, and 27 have all shut down. After those horrible experiences, I did give up on my love for writing books. First off, they weren’t real publishers and were very unprofessional. I blame technology for giving people access to the internet who prey on others and would’ve never been able to afford it in the nineties and early millennium. But, karma is real. People are almost demanding for me to write books again. I guess we will have to see after I push out my babies. Maybe becoming a mother will push me back to that innocent book writing passion I had in my childhood days.

It’s been 12 years since my dad passed away and I wish he could see how far I have come. I miss him so much and I know he would be proud of me. I’ve learned to not forget but to just let go. My therapist told me no matter what at least he isn’t suffering anymore than he had to. I now accept that I lost him at a young age. As for my walk with God, His grace gave me what I didn’t deserve. He answered a prayer that was the answer to all of my prayers in one. I could never give myself all of the credit because I would only be a fool. So I want to thank God for His unconditional, never changing love because without His love all of this time, I don’t know where I would be.

Jana Nicole Campbell is a Journalism student at Georgia State University. She has been an employee at Hartsfield Jackson Airport for three years and has written three books and plans to have a career at a news station. You can contact her for comments on her work at

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