Longevity And The Things We Do To Maintain It

Out of the three of us, I’ve probably thought about the church least often. But. Imho the purpose of the church originally was to gather folks and give them survival tips (don’t eat shellfish! Why? Bcos God says so!! (In reality, nobody knows how to prepare shellfish without poisoning theirself).

But we’ve pretty much got that all down now. So we now use the secondary parts of Church exclusively. Community. And connection to a higher purpose.

Feeling welcome within and connected to a community helps sustain wellbeing. As social animals, humans go insane if they don’t have firm tribal bonds. We also break if we get stuck in the physical world.

The glories of the infinite and perfect imbue us with vigor and a lust for life that’s hard to find without. So the church gives us weekly peeks into this realm and our hope and strength is briefly renewed.

I get why the church wouldn’t focus on connecting the congregation with the realm of the Divine on mother’s day. It’s kinda down to earth; you’re respecting moms. You can’t respect far off perfection at the same time. So you focus on affirming community bonds.

And yeah I agree about card readers clashing with the chruch aesthetic. Given that it’s an institution for togetherness and spirit, something as dirty and tense as cash really grinds. The chruch should just hold your credit card info and establish a ritual gesture that means “ I want to donate $X”. Worshippers file into the pews at beginning of mass but after seating, a few wiggle their wrists behind their necks. A holyman punches some buttons and the Church sucks the indicated cash amounts out of the wrist wrigglers bank accounts.

Also. You’re talking about “preaching to the chorus” when the preacher lays out some super agreeable statements. You can note that in the post and I won’t charge you.

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