First Day at WSO2

It is the end of my 5th semester at University of Moratuwa. After 3 weeks of exams we all were extremely tired, but there was no time to take a break. We had to start our training on the 25th (Monday) July 2016.

We were told to come to the place at 11 o’clock in the morning. Yeah it sounds good… You don’t have to wake-up early. Lazy me 😂😂

Let’s skip the preconditions and move on to the time at WSO2. We were welcome by Mr. Charitha Bandara (Lead HR & Administration). According to him, he is well known for doing presentations inside the WSO2. First we had to introduce ourselves to each other. There were 30 from University of Moratuwa and one girl from APPIIT. Luckily most of us knew each other, but I have to accept that there were people who I don’t know by their name even if we are from the same batch.

So we tried the typical way of introducing each other, by just saying our names. It didn’t work out. Charitha asked questions from people about each other to prove that it’s not gonna work. So what are we gonna do?

He asked us to create our self a brand. See yourself as something more than your face or body. Use some kind of a logo or a symbol to represent you. That looks awesome but how can I represent myself using a symbol? People choose different kinds of symbols. The letter ‘S’ (which is the starting letter of her name), a Heart 💗, a Fist 👊 etc. I choose computer mouse 😂. Yeah seriously. It is not because I am a tech geek. In my free times I design graphics and stuff. Example:- Flyers, Posters. Lol.. I wanted to be look like the person who design graphics. I know it is a terrible choice. Just never mind 😊.

There was a blood donation program going on the ground floor of WSO2. I have never donated blood before. I went with few of my friends. Luckily weight was 52kg. It’s enough. It took around an hour. When ee get back the afternoon session was finished. It was a session from HR. I missed that. Yeah in first day I missed a session. Then they provided us Laptops. I got an Lenavo Think Pad. It is really heavy and there were two cracks in the screen. Actually I was lucky. My friends had worse scenarios. Anyway the device had a. 1080p display. Which is really helpful for coding as well as other stuff 😉😉. Thank you WSO2. That is it. Then I came back to the boarding place.