Given the current COVID-19 climate and as more Scrum teams are now having to work entirely remotely, there may be new obstacles or challenges that can arise from remote cooperation. What I’m about to share with you are struggles I have encountered and resolved while working with a remote team.

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Not that long ago, I completed a customer project, which was 20 weeks in the making, to produce an initial MVP release. This project was a website re-platform, including some new functionality and a design refresh. The customer has a globally spread IT & marketing team. Our Scrum team was…

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In March 2020, I turned 41 this year. We were practising social distancing a couple of weeks before it, and by my birthday a total UK lockdown was official.

It was always going to be hard to beat last year’s momentous occasion. That year I hired out a pub’s function room plus a three-piece band, probably my most extravagant party hire since my wedding. I filled it with friends and family, most of whom now have small children who spent their time chasing each other around the halls. My wife surprised me with 40 presents, one for every year. …

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It’s March 2020, and the world is consumed by fear and panic over the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The World Health Organization has officially declared it a pandemic. Governments have accepted that populations will become infected as the virus spreads globally. It is now a case of containment and management, with potential draconian measures being introduced. Travel bans and border lockdowns, school closures and the cancellation or postponement of sporting events are happening globally.

Businesses are having to review their corporate policies or implement new ones from scratch. The risk of prolonged staff absence has prompted human resource departments to draft business…

The short answer is yes, by embracing an agile approach using Scrum to deliver value early and quickly.

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First off, it’s a misconception that any project can fulfil all of the requirements within an agreed upfront timeframe and budget. Waterfall projects are notorious for going way over budget and having delays that stretch into years.

Janaka Fernando

I like to talk about Scrum and Agile software development, remote working, productivity and work/life balance

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