Upon my reflection on my first week of semester 2 has been overwhelming but eventful.

I was flowing with ideas for assignments and prepping myself for a busy month ahead. Although it was overwhelming I learnt three things from my comm140 class Thanks to my favourite lecturer pip Cleaves. She is a pretty cool lady.

One of the biggest things I learnt was to code and create games.

The next thing was how to blog as a teacher and how effective it can be.

Lastly was how to create a twitter page and how effective it can be to communicate with people anywhere in the world.

The most challenging thing was how complicated it is to create a game and remember the codes. Another was expressing my feelings through blogging and letting them out for anyone to read.

One thing I’m proud of is that I enjoyed blogging using medium and twitter. It makes me feel proud because I feel it’s like writing a diary on my everyday life. It allows me to release all negative feeling and energy and allows me to explore a way in which I can use it in a class room and communicate.

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