Auto filling of fields — Zoho Creator

How to fix a value for the field automatically

Few use cases for such action is that you want the date to be automatically filled whenever a new record is created which saves wrong entry or different formats to get recorded. Also whenever a user raises a new buying request, the invoice raised date automatically recorded.

Lets learn how to do this.

· Go to edit mode of your application.

· Select the field where you want the value to be pre-entered.

· In my example, I have selected Date field. Drag and drop to the form area as show in the below image.

· Click on the setting symbol on the top. You will get options whether you want the time to be updated when you are adding a new record or when you are editing , etc. Select the option you want it to be.

· I want the date to be auto entered whenever I add a new record. So I chose “On Add” -> “On Success”.

· Now go to “Workflow” which the 3rd button in the black column.

· Now go to “Script Builder” — by clicking it on top of that page.

· Drag and drop “Set Variable” under miscellaneous section.

· Images for the above 3 steps are as show below.

· Select the Variable. In my case it is Date_field1. So I selected the same.

· Now Specify Value. Here go to “Zoho Variables” and select Zoho.currentdateandtime option.

· Click on Done

· Save Script

· Test in the live mode to see that the date is auto filled to current date of the appliation. Images for the same is show below