Using Scope with Laravel

Laravel Eloquent Queries are are Best one. We are used. Eg: Post::all(); this is return all records. But we need build our custom queries and use that where we want. So here laravel provide solution. That call Model Scope.

Here we will see , How to integrate scope. I want return ‘ active’ Post from posts table.Currently i using where queries like this.

$activePosts = Post::where('active', true)->get();

But i need same thing any other module also.So i need write again and again this where queries. Here is the solution. That call Scope.

class Post extends Model

public function scopeActive($query)
return $query->where('active', 1);


Laravel know scope as alias. Now i can get active posts using Post::active()->get();

$activePosts = Post::active()->get();

Create Dynamic Scope

We can pass parameter for this Scope.

class Post extends Model {

public function scopeActive($query, $value)
return $query->where('active', $value);


Now we can use it dynamically .

// Get active posts
$activePosts = Post::active(true)->get();

// Get not active posts
$notActivePosts = Post::active(false)->get();

Scope with Relation

we can use scope with relationship.

$category = Category::find(1);
$activePost = $category->posts()->active(true)->get();
Thank you