Escaping the Mormon Cult…
Todd Preston

I am happy you got free of that dangerous cult. I never believed what they believed but I defended their right to believe it if it made them happy but I did not understand what that church was about. They are too aggressive and they trespass. When it really comes down to it that church teaches hate. They encourage others to believe lies. They have been a powerful organization targeting the most vulnerable members of our society. I believe the lies they told separated God from His children. They tried to take my 16 year old daughter away from me and destroy her. I turned to God to help me save her and that is how I learned what that church really is about. Most of the followers and missionaries are just a front for what is really underneath. This is my belief because of what I have witnessed and experienced first hand knowledge. I want any enslaved by that church to be freed and I want people to know the truth so they will be safe from it when it comes knocking at their door in the form of earnest young missionaries who have been indoctrinated. Thank you.

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