Grief has many faces
Tracy Brighten

Hello Tracy, I have read your words with a new understanding as I myself am now coming to terms with my own feelings of loss having left home as a backpacker some 37 years ago ! I am happy with my life in India with a loving husband and two amazing teenage children but I do miss my family back home….the place of my birth is still home despite 20 + years of living here.My parents have never been able to visit due to my mother’s disability and my siblings are not drawn to visit this “mysterious” and for some frightening/intimidating, country.! With financial loss and the continuing constraints that follow for so many years afterwards I have not been able to travel to see the family so it is theopportunity for sharing of my life that has been lost.As I get older I do find myself seeking the company of those who can identify with “where I have come from” in a cultural sense. But I have found and am continuing to find my own strength and awareness of myself…this gives me enormous solace and gratitude for the opportunities for growth that have been given to me !

Apologies for the ramble and witherings on…first time I have actually written down my thoughts on this subject.

By the way I have very happy memories of 7 months spent in NZ and I will now explore your blog with nature in mind as we too are immersed in this wonderful world here in India !

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