What Android OEMs Need

Android OEMs

From what I read on the Verge, the Android platform is used by over 1.8 billion users. The next question is, what android version are they using? Only those android flagship phones are able to upgrade their devices to the latest android version for a maximum of 2(two) years of the span of using the phone. After 2(two) years, those phones won’t get anymore major updates. Also, when a new android version is released, it takes months for the Android OEM manufacturers to upgrade their android devices. For me, that is a pain in the a**. I think one of those very vital components of an android device life cycle is for those devices to be updated in the latest version as soon as possible also considering those mid-range phones. Why? Well,.. Obviously for better data security reasons, new features, optimization updates, etc. And also, we invest a lot of money these phones. It’s only reasonable for us to get those updates quickly on our devices.

I think the solution should come from those insanely amazing people from Google, because, after all, Android is fromGoogle. Google should consider on how to push major android updates without waiting for their OEM manufacturers to implement them. It is given that not all the features of the latest update will be reflected when this is implemented, but at least the update should consider if an android device is capable of handling those new features.

At the end of the day, these are only my opinion for making Android better for the reputation of the business, for the experience of the customers, and also widely innovating on how an operating system should receive updates.