Long Live the X-Files

Motivated by my friends who were excited about the show starting up again, I fell down the rabbit hole of The X-Files last week. I’ve already binge watched the entire first season without even thinking of picking a different show to watch on Netflix. Though I’ve been just as engrossed in other shows, there is something about this series that made it so entertaining yet easy to watch that makes it possible to watch for hours on end.

It’s all of the sci-fi and horror of Twin Peaks in the digestible format of Law & Order.

Casual viewers can tune into any episode without needing much context and avid fans can watch minor plot points develop while enjoying a new major plot with each episode. Most other episodic shows don’t have the same fodder for cult following like The X-Files. It fills an audience gap for network television that it has had a hard time filling since the show went off air in 2002.

However, the coolest about the series is its ability to appeal bring these strange, otherworldly ideas to people who aren’t the typical sci-fi viewer. It won a Peabody Award in 1996 for doing just that. The X-files lets people talk about ghosts, aliens and other paranormal ideas without being stigmatized as a conspirator. Plus, who couldn’t love the now dated way the show uses fast moving blurs to represent ghosts and aliens.

The X-Files makes us all want to believe.