Two and a Half Men

My Opinion of this show is so biased because I love it! Who do I love more Charlie, well oh course? He is the ultimate sexy, playboy, rich, good looking guy that loves the attention of women and also has his mommy issues. This show is one of the best Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms ever. Charlie’s constant flow of young girls coupled with his brother’s jealousy issues just makes for the perfect comedy.

His mother’s continuous marriages, his need for her approval although he doesn’t realize it. So he continues to search out young women to fill the need for his own shortcomings. Then there’s Alan, his brother who in himself is plagued with the mommy issues as well, but has the insecurity issues instead. So he is constantly seeking approval for the things he never received as a child.

We scrutinize men every day, but what people don’t really consider is they all men have mommy issues! How could they not? They come into this world being nurtured by a woman, coddled by a woman, petted and kissed and hugged by a woman. They learn to thrive on what makes “Mommy” happy.

They want to make mommy proud of them because they love the hugs and the kisses from mommy. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside. So, yes they want that all the time. Besides the might get some candy if they do as they are told.

Then they get a little older, then their told other things, not like what they are accustomed. Suck it up don’t be a whiney baby, stop running to mommy. They don’t understand. They thought the sun rises and sets in what mommy said he should do and how he should act.

So the confusion begins, be a big boy his daddy told him, be tough. Don’t worry about your mommy. You need to grow up. So now he grows up, learning to be tough, not to desires the approval and the hugs from mommy so much. But, deep inside he still does. He just can’t show how he feels it.

He tries so hard to be the man everyone expects him to be…… he still wants the love and warmness of his mother. They say you have to find you a girl and settle down. So he finds a sweet and loving girl, marries her and has children and a nice home.He feels he is a man now and feels successful.

Wasn’t he raised to believe, that a woman such as his mother was someone you trusted and believed in? Then this woman he married, breaks his heart. My mother wouldn’t have done this, why is she. He just doesn’t understand what is happening.He’s so confused and heart broken.

The cycle begins, the distrust, the disbelief in what a woman does or says. Why do they act like they love me, then treat me that way? It’s so hard for them to figure out. Other women don’t love you unconditionally like your mother does. So yea, they are not understanding what they did wrong. Why wouldn’t all men have mommy issues?

Men are “All” Two and a Half Men… one that wants to make Mommy happy and be proud. The other wants his Lady to be happy and proud. Then when he can’t seem to do either, he’s just half a man he thought he was! And he’s lonely again……thinking about the days when he was young and life was less complicated!