Oh snap!! Now what?


On May 8, 2014 my life ended

Okay it felt like that. I lost my job

And my life felt over. I was on EI and that wasn’t too bad but then the day came in April 2015 where I was considering giving up. Today in a cedar ceremony I was told the ancestors were so happy to see me there. I cried.

I did my ever best to gain employment. Nothing panned out. Some said did you try the school/hospital and I have summited my cv numerous times. Have all the no thank you letters too.

I did get the occasional interview and got one call in from Skidegste. I was on the list. One potential employer called and called and checked on everything with a fine tooth comb with a promise of a call either way. Umm nope.

I was beginning to take it really personal. Especially when I was the only applicant. Small town. I know.

In hindsight I also realize I was mourning of my last position, still hurt. I went their agm to see a full roster, even looking to the future of hiring more. I was happy for the closure I got.

I enlisted the help of our skills Center. We redid my resume. I got a couple more calls.

Right before the holidays I looked at the job board again already feeling the hope fall from me. A couple cheerleaders, well my friends said “try anyway” I sent in three.

I got one call for an interview over the phone. I guess my true self shone through and again I was rejected. I didn’t even get “hello” from one of the three I tired for that day.

The one ad I had the least confidence in was the only thing left. The deadline was so far from when I applied I assumed it wasn’t in the cards either.

I got home and kept up the lamenting on Facebook. I imagine I was unfollowed by the majority of those on the social networking site.

I got a call. I ignored it as it wasn’t in my contacts. I have a strict policy that I don’t answer unknown calls. Even if they are in my contacts and I miss them I won’t call back unless there is a message. No voicemail so I forgot about it.

Then an email asking for an interview came in. I thought okay I’ll do it again.

I researched the agency. I looked online. Printed off information. Not even my limited access of not having a computer stopped me. My laptop went trough security on our trip and bam.

I raced home, forgetting to pick my fisheye at school, raced back up. At the end of the day (an overused phrase that I will now use) I tucked it away.

I opened it all up and waited for the call. Then the doubt came in. I started to think of reasons (fancy word for excuses) why this job was way above my station.

Oh well.

The internee went well. I wished them luck finding the ideal person for the job.

The end.

But… the phone rang. I didn’t answer I was too heat up and decided I didn’t want another no thanks on the phone. Let them email me the bad news.

I got another request to discuss the opportunity. I figured this would be the in depth conversation about how I can’t do excell or wasn’t an expert on office routines.

Oh well, The hammer was coming down but I would go fighting.

I again decided I didn’t want it.

The call went like this “we would like to offer you this contract” I was in shock. Thought oh no now what?

My numbness must have come through as disinterest. He said I will send the details and If I needed the weekend to think about it let him know.

Texted my buddy. She said sign it and to hell with my misgivings.

It’s true. When you least expect it. I am still cautious and afraid. I can’t believe it.

Thanks everyone. Wish me luck. I really really really need it. YIKES!!!

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