The course that changed my course.

Self-development courses, check!
Business courses, check!
How to be a trainer course, check!
How to be a millionaire, check!
Warrior Camp, check!

Income related to these training, zero.

Last March, I promised myself I’d stop taking courses after recently taking one
where I was promised one speaker and got the switcheroo, getting someone I
didn’t know, didn’t like, and didn’t learn a thing from.
It was not to be…

Last year, I can’t remember how I saw a London Real episode with Ido Portal
and loved it. I quickly realized Brian Rose, the host, was interviewing all the
people I love and then some.

Soon, Brian would be in my mailbox every day. Annoyingly, he’d show up
morning, noon, and night. But instead of unsubscribing, I resonated with
everything he said.

I started avoiding opening his emails. I knew if I kept watching, sooner or later, he’d get me.

You know, those times when you meet someone and think, “I’ve got to learn from this guy!”

But I’d made a promise to myself AND my wallet!!!

Two months ago, without my conscious mind having a say, I ended up on a call with Brian. Half an hour later, pulling my wallet out I was…so much for my promise.

This time, something felt different. I knew I was preparing for something big. My excitement grew.

I will not lie and tell you this course was easy. And that all I experienced was not without major effort. I knew from the start that I was the only thing standing in the way of my success, but had no clue as to how to move over and let myself through.

Even though I feel that in terms of technical issues I was ahead of most of my
classmates, who went through hell and back, the challenges in changing my mindset brought me to my knees.

My demons, bad programming, and huge resistance paid me regular visits. The week I was told I had to host a webinar and sell a not yet existent product, I wept -during class; completely paralyzed. Who would even come? And how on earth would I sell if anyone actually did?

Then something happened. Brian said, ‘This is what you have to do:’ and went on to clearly delineate the steps. Immediately, the tears stopped. I saw my path clearly. All I had to do was follow the steps and I knew I could not fail. No time for tears, it was time to hustle.

In 3 days, I slept 7 hours, held 3 webinars, and sold 7 courses.
Today, I see myself clearly, leading workshops and retreats full of amazing,
driven, and inspired people who show their appreciation for changing their lives by paying for my courses.

This would not have happened without Brian Rose and his amazing team. I did the work, Brian supplied the framework and the certainty, the team kicked my ass and gave me the support I needed and more.

As for my classmates, the most amazing group of humans I have met in a long