A lonely boat

Land and Sea | REHAN ZIA

A lonely boat,

Still as water,

Doused all night in mist,

Waking up to the morning freshness,

For the upcoming quest.

Reddish purple, yellow and green forms,

Assures and encourages,

Pleasantness and magical moments.

A serene morning climate is not what it is.

A perfect astounding stillness is what it is.

Sky is still and grandiose.

Water is still and silent.

Boat is still and floating.

Invisible presence is still and invigorating.

As I see with my senses,

I sense my stillness.

I breathe fresh,

Despite being on the other side of the wall.

I quaff more,

To my heart’s desire.

More isn’t enough.

Void of words,

Yet, occupied in search of words,

A pregnant pause followed,

Knowing that’s how the journey is to be!