Noise outside silences Silence.

Closed eyes groans squalls.

Gusts of whirlwinds within.

Silence begs for its place and presence.

I too strive for it, unsuccessfully.

Conversing with Silence,

to understanding what it is.

Can Silence be understood?

Or just be…?

Conversation helps?

Understanding clears?


to be experienced?!

Engulfed and embraced

by erratic pandemonium

when to be

engulfed and embraced

by intense stillness.

But, what is stillness?

Definitely not going beyond.

Being with whatever it is.

Yet feeling tranquil.

Inside out and

outside in

in every moment,

in every experience,

in being me!

Experiences reveal,

opens me up,

brings in more,

churns me within,

widens vision,

possibilities pour in,

beauty blossoms,

challenges remain,

perception readjust…

Of course, infinite journey to be taken by a finite.

Still in understanding Silence.

Intermittent moments brings its glimpse,

Wanting more,

Urging to be it…

Escapism? Yes, for my current mindset.

Learnt to hide within myself,

Unintentionally and fortunately,

stumbled upon umpteen treasure,

Wanting to hoard it,

against its very nature.

For I can’t hide it

and, it can’t hide me!