What the…?

When I was first thrown, literally, into the water in a well, I didn’t know what happened until I popped up to the surface. It was a momentary blackout. As the vision restored with water dripping all over the face, I experienced reality. Nothing to stand firmly on. Nothing to hold for support. Nothing solid around me. Everywhere it was water. Just a few strokes I would reach to safe handle. But I don’t know to swim. I wasn’t stuck in one place. I was flapping my legs and hands involuntarily. I was looking all over the place for help. I couldn’t manage to stay in one place. I was drinking loads of water. I was palpitating for breath. I was drowning. Did I fear? I exactly don’t remember the emotion that went on within me. Later a helping hand caught my hair and dragged me out of water. In the next moment, the same hand pushed me again into the water. I went through the same experience but this time the emotion was clear. Fear of being killed in water. I was trying to utter a word, neither could I breathe nor could I move my mouth. Despite so much of water going down my throat, it was dry. My heart was racing. My jaws were restrained. My eye balls were rolling rapidly. Again the same hand reached to me and this time pulled me totally out of water. I was battling within thinking what next would the hand do to me. This time I saw the person and the welled up tears in my eyes came to a still. Slowly, I heard the other voices shouting in frenzy at me. I sat on the steps of the well but this time I felt the sloppy well was a safer haven. First time I experienced the darker of the darkest moments. I was nervous to see the surrounding. I fixed my glance on the water in the well and the fishes came swarming to my legs. It was also the first experience and I was transfixed. Now what should I do? Look Up? Look down? By now, the voices became clear and distinct. They were all calling out my name, all at once. Looked like, I had slowly regained my senses. I decided to look up. With the water dripping all over me, I saw my mom smiling at me giving all is well assurance. I saw my cousins whooping and hooting in joy on my first experience. And…I saw the person who was to teach me swimming. I was calmed by the feeling that the threatening and throttling hands was of an experienced hand in swimming. In understanding the reality I’m in and in knowing where and with whom I was, I began to smile in a coy and an innocent way. I was beginning to relax and grin from ear to ear, when the same hands again pushed me into the water. What the…?