It’s really stupid..

The way people think became stupid! Who said we’ll judge you when you’ve acne and messed eyebrows as well as yellow teeth and we wont judge you when you put full make up to cover your imperfections? Who said that god created us perfect? Who said that god created us to be complete? God created us incomplete just to find our second half that will complete us;god never mentioned that we humans are perfect,but god mentioned marriage,so we can complete each other to reconstruct the land we’re living on to have a happy life and to teach our children that we werent perfect…no kids we completed each other to have you in this life having your perfections and imperfections,so if you all said “we don’t cheat in realtionships” its wrong since you already cheated on how you look. Wear your smile and head up having imperfections better than wearing make up and you’re too afraid to go out without it, and start defending your pure beauty.Just be proud of it and head up.

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