Integrated, well. Erm, integrated? Our health insurance is still not integrated, people only understand that they need to be treated but they don’t want to prevent them self from diseases. As far as they know, every symptoms need medication, every disease need to be admitted and hospitalized. Why? Because all they know they have insurance, its free, and they are sick. They trust more to people who do not have certified expertise in health, even they trust their neighbour more than the physician. They don’t trust us when we said, “according to our examination, you are fine, just need a little more fluid and get some rest”, some of them will response “but i’m still feeling a bit fatigue” etc. Are they being too open to information, but unable to filter?

One story, female around 30 yo, chief complain is that she got splattered from a boiling hot oil on the skin because kitchen accident. What did she do confuse me, she put eggs on the said skin. Why? She said because some people told he. She trust some people a lot i guess.

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