Oh Daniel, you have no ida how much I wish I could change my skin color some days.
Moira Lynch

Moira dont feel ashamed of being white. Hugs to you. I am black and sometimes I feel ashamed of being black too, it happens that's life but just so you know… not all PoC think white people are racist for voting for Trump. The whole thing is messy and complicated. Tribalism and racism are very normal parts of human nature that we all have to battle to over come.

I see racism from black people to white people and this also makes me feel ashamed but what can I do? We arent responsible for people just because they are a part of our race, and anyone stupid enough to judge you based on your race is… well a racist.

Trump's support was in part race based but in other parts it was just frustration. We as humans have come really far in terms of race relations and things are getting better and better, we are fighting our nature but at least we ARE fighting. Lots of love you. Dont feel ashamed of something you could not choose anyone who judges you on race without hearing your opinions. should be ashamed of themselves.

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