A Light in Photography’s Darkness

Filmed and Edited By: Janay Hagans

On Tuesday’s at the Morris Burner Hostel in downtown Reno, Elvis Thompson holds Freeze Frame, a photoshoot, and event that aims at preventing sexual harassment in photography. The event establishes the appropriate boundaries and connections between photographers and models, and how to form a communication-centered-relationship.

Thompson created the weekly gatherings in 2004 when he began doing photography professionally and noticed models and photographers disappearing from the industry. He later discovered that the sexual harassment and pressure that many people face in photography, was pushing people away. Thompson hopes to educate Reno’s industry and prevent sexual assault.

Freeze Frame is held every Tuesday night from 6 PM- 10 PM. Each week has a different photography theme and photographers of all skill levels and ages are welcome to go.

The Morris Burner Hostel, where Freeze Frame is located.
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