Exploring Reno’s Juice-Bar Scene

The topic I have chosen for my final story is discussing the start-up business of Rawbry, a cold press juice bar in a hidden downtown Reno gem, The Basement.

I wanted to make me angle interesting to the audience and relevant to Reno. However, I couldn’t decide what direction to go in, so I started up Google.

The first keywords I typed in was Rawbry, in order to see if there were any existing articles about the business. To my surprise, there was only one news article written on the company, which was written by KOLO 8 News. But this article was short and took an overarching approach, ranging from history to the health benefits of Rawbry.

Next, I searched other articles on startups to in order to find an angle. I found an article written by the Las Vegas Review Journal on Sunrise Coffee, which is a new coffee shop startup that has gained popularity in Las Vegas. The article took a history approach which I thought was interesting.

I then decided to see if the juice bar concept of Rawbry was traveling further than Reno. I found a New York Times article titled “The Juice-Bar Brawl” which discussed the rising popularity of juice-bars nationwide. It also discussed how the stock market has increasingly shot up in the juice-bar industry.

Stemming off of this I wanted to narrow the search back down to Reno’s juice scene. The Google search of “Reno cold press juice” only resulted in three companies: Jus, The Mill, and Rawbry. Jus, however, has been around the longest, and I couldn’t help but wonder how Rawbry differs from Jus and The Mill in its product.

Lastly, I thought that going to Rawbry’s website was the most reliable source of information for the company. The website highlights the fresh and wide variety of juice and smoothies they offer, while captivating a modern style and era to it, that I thought was interesting in itself.

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