I use my phone every day, and over the years it has become the primary device I do business on. Most of my work is responding to emails, reviewing documents, preparing new presentations, and sharing ideas with people through different apps. About 5% of my work is designs and coding, which is something that I can’t currently do from my phone.

I only ever revert to using the computer for three reasons:

Somehow, people are still surprised by finding out I maintain Inbox Zero and do not understand how it is possible. Inbox Zero simply means there are no emails in your inbox most of the time. I recently helped a couple of friends set the process up so their inbox can be less of a scary monster. I cringe when I see 749 new messages and watch people trying to figure out what is really important. Here’s how I have been doing it the past couple of years.

Note: I use my personal Gmail account and online Gmail interface to pool…

At the beginning of the year, we were brainstorming about what’s special about our company and why each year more and more clients come our way to build innovative products.

Looking back at our 8-year history, we recognized that we’ve seen and lent a helping hand to startups that would grow from germinal ideas into industry-leading companies.

A Google Launchpad mentor meeting I attended helped solidify and validate an idea: a lot of people could benefit from a straightforward guide, all in one place, demystifying the four main steps of startup building:

TL;DR — Do this now. Really.

Switch off email notifications, and icon badges on apps that bring no other value than to get you into the app (Facebook, LinkedIn, Swarm, Twitter, Instagram…) — seriously, you can look at it later — and if you forget, it probably wasn’t so important, was it?

Switch off vibrations and put your phone constantly in silent mode. Do you really need to know somebody sent you a message just now? Will the world end? No, it won’t — so grant yourself some breathing room and check your phone on your own time.

Switch off…

I spend a lot of time on my phone. The only time I take out my computer is when I need to write a longer email or look into more complicated spreadsheets. But I’ve come to realize this switching is taking too much time and isn’t productive when I already have a device in my pocket that can do most of these things.

I found that there are two parts to it: I don’t want to keep holding the phone, and I need a wireless keyboard that is light enough to carry around. …

I missed my flight Saturday evening due to the extremely long, confusing and slow lines at the Delta check-in counter. This was a result of Delta’s inefficiency, poor management, and an uncommitted attitude from some check-in personnel. In an attempt to rebook Delta could not help me because my flight was booked through Czech Airlines (their SkyTeam partner) and Czech Airlines couldn’t help me because the lines were Delta’s fault…. …

Jan Beránek

CEO & Founder of U+_ (https://u.plus ), U+Ventures, Google Launchpad and ESA mentor

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