Me, Coding and Text-Based games.

I have heard, seen and watched many complain about how hard it is to code, make applications and all that. I always think to myself, “It isn’t THAT hard.”
And for me, that is true. Coding for me comes naturally, but that doesn’t mean its a piece of cake.

Towards the end of 2016, in my first term of Y10 in Brookhouse School, as part of the Computer Science subject, we are taught how to code in Visual Basic, VB.NET Framework 3.5, only problem is that its an outdated version of Visual Basic and nobody uses it.

We werent able to learn much in that one term, but I knew I had learnt enough to do something, so on the last Computer Science lesson of that term, I set about creating a text based game.

In that one lesson, I managed to make something playable, but since school was closing, I knew I wouldnt be able to continue developing with my Mac. So after a long time of searching for something to run Windows on, I was finally able to continue.

I name the game "Traded!" anf published it on Gamejolt, then I went to show it off to my classmates on Google Classroom. Now, I have stopped development due to the sheer simplicity of Visual Basic, the fact that it can't run on my Mac and because I lost interest in the game.

Then, a few days before Term 3 of Y10 ended in the start of July, I decided to start learning Python. I chose Python because of how well recognised it is and because of simplicity, and using Codeacademy I started learning.

But Codeacademy only teaches a nearly outdated version of Python, so instead I turned to Sololearn, where I am still learning how to code in Python 3.6.

I needed a way to keep practicing what I learnt on Sololearn, and so I started creating a new Text.Based game, called “>>>BREACHED”.
This game is about someone who gets their computer hacked, and are then forced to get the computer back from the hacker.

In 15 days, I am on version 0.5.2 of the game, from 0.1.0, and I continue to program and update the game. And in those days I have had 8 downloads, 8 downloads. I guess showing off to my Classmates actually works.

I’m not stopping with Text-Based games however, I want to continue learning python and thus start making games with graphics, and start out my life as a game Developer. In two days I learnt more Python than I was taught Visual Basic in one term, this means that I will be able to work hard and overcome any obstacle in my path, and entertain some people on my way.

There is something to learn from this: continue learning, by yourself, just learn things that you aren’t taught. And do what you enjoy doing, and entertain people while doing so. Spread entertainment, dont stop untill you succeed, and even then, continue. This life is short so make it worth it.


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