When You’re Not Saving Enough to Retire at 65
Mike Dang

We’re Baby Boomers ( millennials, keep reading , no judgment yet, hang on ) . We’re saving enough for retirement- which means saving nearly 50% of one partners check ( after the costs of raising 3 kids, including one who is special needs, we’re paddling hard to catch up).

And we feel terrible for what the millennials face. Our hearts ache. We have millennial sons. .

But here’s what we don’t get: no matter what millennials feel Boomers did wrong ( and plenty did make mistakes) , both Boomers and millennials are facing the challenges of an aging population, plenty of whom lack the money needed to survive a lifetime.

So don’t we need to work together to create significant and significant changes for all of us: affordable health care, living wages, reasonable college costs, etc? The other option is that plenty of millennials will have to choose between watching their parents face poverty or helping them financially.

Millennials have much ( understandable) anger and frustration about this. So do Boomers who are told they need to work into 70 but are fired or laid off due to age bias- and good luck finding a job after that.

There are frustrations and challenges in both groups. So how about going from here and working together to tackle the problems? Because going after each other…just takes time away from tackling the underlying issues.