Why this magazine?

Capturing the moment at Tigers Nest, Bhutan.

Like many travellers, when I travel I love to write and share the experience with others. So much so, that for the past twelve years I have been leading Writer’s Journey retreats and workshops in fabulous locations around the world like: Bali, Java, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Bhutan, Morocco, Fiji, Paris, Cambodia and Japan.

Natalie Turner capturing the moment in Angkor Wat.

When I get home to Sydney I keep the momentum going with workshops like Draft Busters, Write your Book on a Weekend and Writing your Travels.

People who come to my workshops and retreats are great writers (much better than I methinks) and for a while I have been looking for a way to publish samples of their work for others to read. Thanks to Medium I have found it!

This online magazine is a place where Writers Journey workshop participants (past, present and future) can publish their traveling stories. They may be articles, short pieces or excerpts from a book they are working on. Fiction or non fiction, poetry, prose, or mixed genre — the only stipulation is that they spring from places they have traveled to.

When you are just starting out, I think it’s important know what it feels like to put your work out there. For established writers it’s another platform to spread the word about your work and to give inspiration to those writers coming up behind you.

Ailsa Thom finding a solitary moment in Erg Chebbi, Morocco.

If you have a travel story you would like to submit (1000 words max) get in touch!

Jan Cornall leads retreats and workshops for writers and artists in inspirational locations around the world.


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