Bognor Regis Herald: Classical Music You Tube: Bach Brandenburg Concerto No 1

The Herald is starting a regular Classical Music Video series and we first focus on the six marvellous creations by genius JS Bach. thesix Brandenburg Concertos. The following Wikipedia link gives details:

They are performed here in ‘period style’ by the German Freiburg Baroque Orchestra — that means the performers use instruments from the appropriate period (or modern copies) and play in a manner believed to be similar as utilised in the period of composition. (Imagine the Facebook exchanges when they disagree, and they certainly do. [lol!])

So the Margrave of Brandenburg made a noble historic twit of himself when he apparently ignored Bach’s effusive dedication of all six concerti to him. What a working musical genius had to stoop to for patronage and mone ….

Concert no 1 is the longest of the six and fully scored with vigorous, melancholy, exciting and triumphant movements. Enjoy this and the forthcoming other five, ignored for a long time, now firmly and for ever at the top of all western classical music creations.

Visit the Video section of this edition to view hear and enjoy!

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