Bognor Regis Herald — first visit by Town Councillor to Muslim Centre in Spencer Street

The Holy Quran

When he recently visited the Muslim Prayer Centre in Spencer Street, Bognor, Town Councillor Jan Cosgrove little expected to find that he is the first Councillor to do so since it was opened in the 1980’s.

“Given the extent of local businesses run by people of the faith, I must confess I was surprised and also rather ashamed it had taken me so long. However, I was made very welcome, just after their recent Friday prayer meeting at lunchtime.”

He was impressed by the attendance with what he estimated were well over 200 worshippers. He was told by one of the original people to have opened it those many years ago that it started with just three of them.

“They seek to raise money to build a full mosque, and I am shocked at the recent theft of their collection box in the premises. The police have a good cctv image of the perpetrator however.”

The current premises in Spencer Street cannot fulfil mosque status as there are required to be various features such as separate entrances for male and female. “This session was male and I was very impressed to see so many boys with their dads.” He was presented with an English translation of the Quran “which is fascinating”.

Councillor Phil Woodall, Town Mayor

Cllr Cosgrove says he hopes the Mayor may be able to make a visit soon and has spoken to Cllr Phil Woodall and Council staff on this. “I am glad to say there was a positive response as I expected there would be. These are fraught times, these good folk are townspeople like us, and I want to see those of all faiths and none fully respected for their beliefs and felt to be included.”

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