Today’s Bognor Regis Herald — Changes to your Free Online News

A wee bit of stream-lining starts with today’s edition. We will publish 3x weekly as now and the regular features will be Local Stories, UK Politics, World, Leisure/Arts, Sport and Science. Each feature will contain 12 reports/stories (except Politics and Local which will run more), 6 in the main section and 6 in the features sections.

One major change is that we will reduce the number of stories taken from other local papers and instead run links to Bognor papers, Chichester, those in West Sussex and in the South. That will reduce the work undertaken and focus more on the main stories. A similar feature is in place for UK Politics and also for Arts/Leisure.

There will be use of original source material from West Sussex, Arun, Sussex Police, Chichester University, Chichester Festival Theatre etc and we will develop more in-house writing.

Comments can be made to and these are most welcome so long as they do not stray outside well-enough understood limits of taste. All comments will be monitored before publication to ensure this.

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