It’s Absurd How Much We Suck as a Nation
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

At more than twice your age, I’m the adult in the room. Are you old enough to know better? Smart enough to be wise? Ready to substitute strive for thrive? Crave for savor?

Here’s the means to a longer, happier, healthier saner more pleasurable life. PleasureStretch — the body/mind/soul system designed to save the world. You read that right — designed to save the human race, to physically, mentally and soulfully reconnect us to the reality of our shared fate!


PleasureStretch is permission to FINALLY STOP TRYING SO HARD. It’s based on developing an unconditionally loving relationship with one’s body. It’s points to a way of living where you can be relaxed, happy and comfortable in your body AND ACHIEVE RADIANT HEALTH AND PEAK PERFORMANCE.

PleasureStretch is a set of “BodyWhispering” tools and techniques to manage the pains and anxieties of living and guide you back to your natural truth, your soul-full self, to experience joy, clarity and peace based in acceptance and pleasure!


Facing death everyone wishes they’d let themselves have more pleasure. PleasureStretch is about turning the act of surviving into the art of thriving. It gives the body what it wants and needs to heal and release all issues buried in your tissues — all the pains, wounds and traumas of your life. And isn’t it time? Haven’t you suffered long enough? Tried hard enough?

PleasureStretch sighs sweetly and says “YESSSS! It’s not only OK to release all the tension you’ve needed to hold on, make do, get things done, to be a good parent, spouse, teammate — It’s time to end the alienation you’ve been taught to feel from your own body, nature, each other, our institutions and our souls and come to rest in a reverent, reconnected state.


This has universal implications because our shame based culture, alienated and anxious as it is, has become unworkable. PleasureStretch is an easy, simple practice to create a sense of personal security and presence — in the present — which is necessary for us to be willing or able to engage with others in communication and cooperation.

We are tormented by the illusion of separateness, infected by the belief that we’re somehow not good enough, rich enough, successful enough, attractive enough, happy enough when the truth is we’re always connected, present and enough for each moment.

PleasureStretch is an entirely personal empowerment tool so YOU EXPERIENCE transcending the illusion there is something you lack and need and YOU EXPERIENCE the fact you can feel healthy, happy and fulfilled in this and every very fucked up moment.

And because PleasureStretch counters our insatiable desire for more — whether it’s money, things, sex, success, happiness, food, drugs or even spiritual experiences using an absolutely free tool, Radiant Breathing, it is a way everyone in the world can eventually access the experience of their immediate connection with aliveness beyond concepts, get relief from whatever ails them and stop needing to take it out on each other.