I’m curious: do they teach math in India?
Jan Downs

Look Shirish, I was responding to specific comments that you made. In particular your comment about Hillary’s undoing. The point it, given that she is winning and at this stage quite handily (delegate math, look it up), she isn’t undone. Maybe you don’t understand what being undone means, I don’t know. But that is what you said and it makes no sense.

And you are being dismissive. Attempting to seize some sort of moral high ground is just absurd. Stop that.

The reason there is a large group of (white privileged) progressives who can’t get behind Hillary is that she isn’t perfect. They want a perfect candidate. There’s no such thing, not even Elizabeth Warren is perfect. Bernie certainly isn’t. Politics is a dirty business. There is no way around that. There will be compromises, odd bedfellows and the occasional scandal. There will be sinning and backsliding, unmet campaign promises and retrospectively bad decisions. That’s how politics is. You’re not going to get your perfect candidate. Get the fuck over it.

The idea behind progressivism is in the name, which is to say progress. Moving forward, even if it’s an inch at a time. Perfection is the enemy of the good in this situation. If you want a perfect candidate so bad that you are willing to give the election to the regressives, you are the enemy of progress. And bloody stupid to boot.

“I was not of the understanding that if a person is winning then by default all criticisms of that person’s ideas and policies become obsolete.” I made no such assertion. If you cannot argue without making shit up, go away now. It’s pure jackassery and quite worthless as a means of discourse.

Of course you don’t see Progressives being divided against each other as a problem. You don’t have any skin in this game. I and a lot of other minorities do. If you do not see Bernie’s candidacy dividing progressives against each other as a problem, you do not understand what a Republican president would mean to this country, especially since it looks a lot like we’ll get Trump as the Republican nominee. If we’re “lucky” it will be Cruz, but it will probably be Trump. Which would be a goddamned disaster for every minority in this nation. Bernie’s candidacy is turning Progressives against each other in some really nasty, vitriolic and sexist as fuck ways. If we cannot get over it, we are going to screw ourselves. As a minority, that shit scares the hell out of me because I’ll be one of the first to lose my rights and maybe even my life.

I don’t care if someone supports Sanders. That’s their right. But if Hillary gets the nomination, which the math seems to indicate, then you need to put on your grown up pants and vote for her. Because I will do the same if Senator Sanders gets the nomination. I will vote for him because I don’t want my country and the people who live in it to get fucked over because I threw my vote away, because I’m a petulant infant.