3 Tips for Building Your Social Media Following Organically

Want to grow your social media following overnight?

This is not the article for you.

Building your audience on social media takes time, and — unless you’re Tom Hiddleston joining Instagram for the first time — you’re not going to gain 2 million followers overnight.

Well, you probably could if you paid for them, but there’s a difference between 2 million engaged followers and 2 million bots.

So, how do you build your social media following organically, aka unpaid, without hiring a team of specialists to tweet for you?

1. Follow Relevant Users

That’s right, you have to give to get. For 90% of social media users, it’s not enough to just get online and start posting. Sure, some people have 5,000 followers without following a soul, but those people are often driving traffic to social media from other sources (i.e. websites, blogs, YouTube, etc.)

If you’re not generating content that attracts people to your social media accounts naturally, then you need to be following people interested in the same types of content as you. Not everyone will follow back, but that’s okay. It’s not meant to be an overnight process!

Pro Tip: Don’t be one of those people who unfollows people the next day. It’s annoying and spammy.

2. Use Hashtags to Attract New Followers

Hashtags are a great tool for helping people find your content on social media.

However, there are some rules for how to use hashtags properly.

…use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
…make sure they’re popular (using a tool like Hashtagify.me can help).
…use trending hashtags if they’re relevant.
…use ‘em on Instagram. Engagement is highest for 11+ hashtags!

…use hashtags on Facebook. (Seriously. Don’t.)
…use more than 2–3 hashtags on Twitter.
…#hashtag #every #single #word, #okay? #ResistTheUrge

Pro Tip: Seriously. Don’t hashtag every single word. And don’t hashtag #random words that no one is #searching for. Please.

3. Be Consistent

Building your audience on social media takes time. You’ll get there eventually, but you have to keep at it! Be willing to try new things (after all, trial and error is a great way to grow), but remember to keep posting!

What works for one audience might not work for yours, and that’s okay! Each platform is different, so you need to find out what works for you and your audience.

Growing your following is a marathon not a sprint!

Pro Tip: Can’t remember to post? Try creating a content calendar or using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to help.