Intellectual & Liberal Speaks Out: Bernie Sanders is a Fraud
S. Novi

-”Berniebots” really? Divisive speech does nothing to further the dialogue.

-Hillary supporters were just as crass and rude to Bernie supporters during the primaries if not more-so. And if anything it was Bernie supporters who were unjustly attacked while bringing up the issues. I personally had countless arguments with Hillary supporters in 2016 and cant recall a single time that ANY of them could tell me why they liked her. I did myself to remain calm throughout the election and not feed into ad-hominem…in my experience Hillary supporters had a much harder time doing so. Often circularly regurgitating hate speech and the words #imwithher. Bring up the Oligarchy…crickets. Rising college costs and aid…crickets. Economic inequality…crickets. Campaign financing…crickets…the list goes on.

-Most if not all of those bills you mentioned that Bernie voted no on were not because he was against the loaded verbiage you used to describe them, but because they weren’t progressive enough. How many bills that Sanders supported through his lengthy career did you leave out?

-Republicans over the past 30 years have gained more and more footing by moving the dialogue more and more to the right and its centrists like you who have helped them.

-You make it sound like you have been around through Bernie’s entire career? So you’re in your late 70s? You were marching with Dr. King?

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