2018/07/04 Boston Diary 4

We are so lucky to have a chance to experience July 4, the Independence Day of America.

People in America usually don’t go to work today, it’s such a big holiday in the country. Several roads and even bridge are closed. The picture left side is taken at 14th floor of our CIC building, not because we are hard-working or diligent, but for the wonderful watching view of fireworks! The building located just by the Charles river plus no other skyscraper around, making it a perfect site to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, when we think of the idea, it was too late. All high-story rooms are being reserved weeks ago. We have no choice but go to the riverside. Fireworks in Boston start at 10:30 pm and last half an hour while music festival start earlier, at 6. We bring some drinks, cookies and food, sitting by the river, relaxing our body as well as mind and enjoying the holiday atmosphere with people in Boston.